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Shell&Tube Evaporator

Shell & Tube Evaporator

This exchanger made of two parts; Shell the same seamless steel pipe and Tube the same copper tubes inside of the evaporator and can build and deliver in capacity from 3 to 400 tons of refrigeration upon request and needs of customer.


Products used in this exchanger are as follows:

Material of Shell

Shell made of Tested seamless steel tube to 6 mm thickness and 5 inches to 22 inches, according to the tonnage of refrigeration of the machine can be adjusted.

Material of Tubes

Tubes made of Copper tube manufacturing QAEM Copper industries Company with specified tolerances and scale 5/8 inches to thickness 0.81 mm, and the type is Hard.

Tube Sheets

Tube Sheets made of steel plate manufacturing Kaavian Steel Company

to thickness 3.5 cm Which has been shaved and is smooth and uniform.


Baffles kind of Fireproof Teflon to thickness 5 mm, which causes water to flow inside the machine as a sine wave effortless and cold exchange raises.

The advantage of using fireproof teflon baffles instead of galvanized sheet

Use fireproof teflon baffles better than galvanized sheet because after a while metal sheet corroded by water circulation and disappears then exchange and Figure sine wave water disappears and the efficiency of the machine till 70% comes down So we can conclude that Using of fireproof teflon baffles better than metal sheet



With PN16 flanges according to ISO.

Use five-pointed star aluminum to turbulent gas and enhance heat transfer in copper pipes.

Designed to function in operating pressures up to300 Psi