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Mini Chiller

Mini Chiller

With the increasing costs use of HVAC equipment reasons:
Low-flexibility, of the centralsystems
of maintaining and operating central systems
3-Installation problems for places that do not have enough space in the room

For this purpose, use of mini chiller will be affordable.

Properties of Sarab Compression Mini chillers

Using Plate Evaporators OR Shell & Tube

  • Suited for cooling spaces square meters, with the outside temperature 45° c
  • High efficiency - the use Enhanced evaporators has been caused increase chiller efficiency by as much as %10 compared to Compression performance coefficient in the 45° C is about 3, which is indicative of the high efficiency of the chiller.
  • less energy expenditure- use of a scroll compressor while reducing power consumption, have less startup current strength.
  • The remote control device to turn on and off

  • Quiet operation - using the scroll type compressor has been caused very quiet operation and Low noise compared to Compression
  • Reduced dimensions - using the most advanced parts the world most famous manufacturers has led to significantly reduce system size and easy portability and principled installation in the Complexes with the low area of ​​residential, commercial and administrative has created.
  • Easy Steering - the complexity compression chillers not have possibility of launching and steering it to anyone with a little technical information is there and easy access to all equipment and parts are available.
  • Reduce corrosion - Use the evaporator plate made ​​of SS-316L, corrosion the evaporator significantly
  • No need for cooling towers - chiller design with air condenser the need for cooling towers and the relevant piping has been removed. In addition, the design temperature of the inlet air condenser for the chiller is 45°C which itself cause possible to use it in extremely hot areas.
  • Having water pump - for the create the possibility of easy installation, evaporator water pump is placed inside the device.
  • Filling valve and water pressure regulation - to avoid increasing water pressure and automatic filling the circuit water of chiller a special valve has been considered.